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24 Awkward Things for a Guy to Say on a First Date

24 Awkward Things for a Guy to Say on a First Date

Awkward Things for a Guy to Say on a First Date – For this time, we can share about “24 Awkward Things for a Guy to Say on a First Date”. Let’s see

1. Hi, nice to meet you. I’m a hugger. Do you hug? Let’s hug

2. Sorry, I’m late. I had to feed my five cats, Max, Mocha, Momo, Muffin and Stephen Colbert

3. Sorry, I’m late. I was talking about you with my mom before she dropped me off just now

4. Sorry, I’m late. I lost track of time at the gym, so I skipped the shower. I’m not too sweaty right now, am I?

5. You look different from your photos. In person you look… healthier.

6. I’m a foodie. Are you a foodie, too? You totally look like a foodie, like totally

7. Before we talk about anything, I have something very important to ask you… Have you met Jesus?

8. Hold, hold, hold. Something smells just fabulous. Do you use Herbal Essence? Lean in to me so I can smell your hair

9. I’ve got one hour with you. Let’s get this over with

10. I found you on Facebook last night. We have twenty-three mutual friends.

11. I found your old Xanga and I read everything in one sitting. I feel like I’m already intimate with you

12. I found out you used to date a guy named Steve. What was that like?

24 Awkward Things for a Guy to Say on a First Date

13. I found out I used to date your former roommate. Is that okay?

14. You work at Google? Can I email you my resume right now? I’m unemployed.

15. Let’s get drunk tonight.

16. I don’t see what’s wrong with having a Liquid Cocaine on a first date.

17. Last night I read a book about seducing women. It said I should say your hair looks like a waffle. Is it working?

18. Hold on, let me Instagram your food.

19. Can I take your leftovers home? I want it for lunch tomorrow.

20. My buddies don’t believe I’m on a date right now. Can I send them a photo of us right now?

21. Don’t worry, I got the bill. You just be a woman and sit there pretty, okay?

22. Look, I already know you won’t see me again. I get it. But at least can you give me a long and tight hug before you go? I’m lonely.

23. I live a block away. You’re so coming.

24. Come meet my five cats. Stephen Colbert would be ecstatic to meet you.

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